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Geek Club 7 is coming -- SIGN UPS CLOSED

Announcing the 7th year of our GEEK-themed Yarn Club: Geek Club 7!
The nerdy, geeky yarn club full of fandom-inspired colours and yarn names, delivered straight to your door, 4 times per year. 

Once per season, we'll send you a nerdy-themed package with your yarn and a postcard story about the yarn names. Much like the choose your own adventure stories of the 80s and 90s, you choose the amount of yarn you want to receive, allowing you to turn this into your own personal sock, shawl, or sweater club. 

Here are the details: 


  • Women Super Heroes/Characters
    Breaking hearts and flinging them into the sun with perfect precision since 10000 BCE
  • Superpowers
    Knitting lace in low light on a bumpy road with acrylic yarn and a screaming toddler in the back. Or x-ray vision.
  • Anime & Mangled Manga
    Where reading from the back to front is fundamental
  • Failed Spin-offs
    Grizzly Adams in space. Could still happen.


Choose the Yarn Set you wish to receive (1 base per shipment)

Set 1: Superwash Wools-100% superwash merino
CaribouBaa-398 m/435 yds per 100 g
R.O.U.Sport-300 m/328 yds per 100 g
DK Matter-256 m/280 yds per 100 g
Superbaa Worsted-201 m/220 yds per 100 g

Set 2: Untreated Wools-100% untreated (non-superwash) merino
Untreated Fingering-400 m/437 yds per 100 g
Shark Sport-300 m/328 yds per 100 g
Untreated DK-225 m/246 yds per 100 g
Untreated Worsted-200 m/218 yds per 100 g

Set 3: Linen/silk blends-65% silk/35% linen
Linen Silk Lace-681m/745 yds per 115 g
Linen Silk Sock-384 m/420 yds per 115 g
Linen Silk DK-337 m/368 yds per 115 g
Linen Silk Worsted-227 m/248 yds per 115 g

SWAG (optional)
Choose to add SWAG to your package, and receive a special add-on with one of your shipments. We focus on hand-made artisanal swag with a Geeky slant that we think you will love.

You can request other purchases to remain here at the studio to be shipped with your next Club package to reduce your shipping costs
- selected discounts throughout the year
- choose your colour family before each shipment to tailor what you receive

What currency are your prices in?
Canadian funds.

How many skeins do I get each shipment?
You choose the amount at sign up! If you're a sock/hat/mitt maker, choose 1 skein per shipment. If you prefer shawls and sweaters, choose the number you'll need! 

What if I only want extra skeins for 1 of the 4 shipments? Can I request that?
This year we have a special add-on item for Geek Club. You can add 1, 2, 3 or more skeins to a single shipment at sign up. Just look for the "Add Yarn" item on the Geek Club 7 page.

How many colours do you dye for each shipment?
The number of colours depends on the number of Geek Club skeins per shipment. Each dye lot is 7 skeins. If Geek Club members order a total of 70 skeins, that means we dye 10 colours per shipment. do I know what colour I'm getting?
You don't. BUT! We have you fill out a colour choice survey to let us know which colour families you wish to receive, and we choose something for you in that range.

I really hate Yellow/Red/Blue/Purple. How do I make sure I don't get those colours?
In the colour survey, we also ask you which colour family you DO NOT wish to receive. You can choose NOT to receive a colour family you dislike in general, but you can also use this survey to ask us not to send you a colour family we have already sent you.

What do the shipping costs for the year look like?
The flat rate shipping is based on the number of skeins we will be shipping you per shipment. The shipping cost is for the whole year (4 shipments total).

Can a friend/friends and I share shipping to lower shipping costs?
Absolutely. Each of you should order your membership, and then shoot us an email and tell us who you would like to share with, and whose address we should ship things to. We will refund you the excess shipping on your order.