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Geek Club Series 6 is here!

That's right, friends, Geek Club has been renewed for another season!

Sign ups will open Friday, April 16, 2021. 

Take me to the sign ups! (Sign ups now open!)

What is Geek Club?

  • Four shipments per club year
  • Each shipment, the colourways and colour names are inspired by a theme
  • The yarn you receive is a surprise; we send a survey before each shipment so you can tell us which colours you do not want to receive that shipment, and then we do the rest. Each colourway will have a maximum of 8 skeins, so these are super special edition, non-repeatable colours!
  • We pick the bases, you decide how many skeins you want to receive each shipment. You tell us whether you want your skeins to be all the same colour or all different colours.
  • Optional swag add-on: once over the course of the club year, we will send you a package with one or more big Geek themed swag item(s). Cost for the swag is $100 (includes shipping)

What are this year's themes?

  • Historically Inaccurate-think Bridgerton, Murdoch Mysteries, Miss Scarlet and the Duke
  • Extra! Extra!-celebrating those actors who play people like Transporter Operator #3 or various other background characters
  • Gamersomething-Mario, Atari, Pong, Final Fantasy, Animal Crossing, etc
  • Marvel-ous-I am Groot?

What are the membership types?

Sock Weight Club - 2 yarn bases:

  • CaribouBaa (100% 4 ply superwash merino, 435 yds per 100 g)
  • Merino Linen Single (90% sw merino/10% linen, 394 yds per 100 g)

Sport/DK Weight Club - 2 yarn bases:

  • R.O.U.Sport (100% superwash merino, 328 yds per 100 g)
  • Untreated (non-sw) Merino DK (100% untreated merino, 246 yds per 100 g)

Nut-free Club (for those with sensitivities to wool) - 2 yarn bases:

  • Linen Silk Sock-Smooth (65% silk/35% linen, 420 yds per 115 g)
  • Linen Silk Sock-Twisted (65% silk/35% linen, 420 yds per 115 g)

Is shipping included in the price of the club membership?
You will be charged a flat rate for shipping at the checkout screen. The flat rate shipping cost covers your entire club year and includes a tracking number for each one of your club packages.

Are there any perks to being a member of Geek Club?
Yes! As a club member, you will be given a coupon code that will allow you to set aside future purchases to be included in your next Geek Club shipment to save on shipping costs. When we get ready to ship your next Geek Club package, we will invoice you for any additional shipping charges (if necessary). You also get first dibs at any leftovers from the club shipments. Geek Club members get exclusive access to leftovers for 24hrs before anything remaining is released to the rest of the world.

If I don't like the colour of my Geek Club shipment, can I exchange it for something different?
Absolutely. We are happy to do exchanges if you are unhappy with your Geek Club colour, however, you are responsible for the shipping to and from the studio.

I am interested in a Geek Club membership, but am in need of some financial assistance. Is there a scholarship fund I can apply to to help me pay for my club membership?
Yes! Indigodragonfly has a bursary fund called the Yarn Pool. You can apply to have the Yarn Pool bursary cover 25%, 50%, or 75% of your club membership. We will help as many people as we can with the funds that are currently available in the Pool. Please note bursaries are for one skein memberships only.

Apply to the Yarn Pool here:
*If you have already received assistance from the yarn pool in 2021, you are ineligible to apply again until 2022*

Donate to the Yarn Pool here:

What are the terms and conditions of a Geek Club membership?

  • You must ensure that your mailing address is correct. If you move at any point please inform us of your address change as soon as possible by emailing us with your new address. We must have your correct address in our shipping survey (emailed to you prior to shipping your package) or we cannot be held responsible for packages sent to the wrong address.
  • You assume responsibility for packages delivered to the wrong address if your address is incorrect on your account, if you have sent us the wrong address by email, or if you have not given us sufficient notice (minimum 15 days prior to a Club shipment date) to change your address in our system.
  • Yarn bases are subject to change at the dyer’s discretion in cases where bases are discontinued without warning or become unavailable. Bases will be replaced with something of similar value and fibre content whenever possible.
  • There are no returns on Club memberships.