Geek Club V Membership: ELEMENTARY (2020) (SIGN UPS CLOSED)

Geek Club V Membership: ELEMENTARY (2020) (SIGN UPS CLOSED)

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    Choose your membership type, number of skeins, shipping, and CLICK THE CHECKBOX to add swag to your order.

    Welcome to the Indigodragonfly yarn club with a geekish slant...

    4 shipments per year

    Each shipment will include yarn, a card detailing the theme of the shipment, and swag (mystery gift) if ordered. You choose how much yarn you get.

    Geek Club 5 theme: ELEMENTARY

    For Geek Club 5, we’ve decided to go Elementary. Now this could be anything from The Elements to The Periodic Table to Primary Schools, but we’re not saying exactly what because Where. Would. Be. The. Fun. In. That.

    You will receive 4 shipments, each with a different theme. Colourways and Colour names for each shipment will be inspired by the theme of the shipment. There will be several colourways per shipment, with a maximum of 800 g or 8 full skeins of each colourway. Think of them as knitterly trading cards distributed amongst Club members. Kind of a weird knitterly Magic the Gathering...

    Sock Club - 2 yarn bases: 

    • CaribouBaa (100% 4 ply superwash merino, 435 yds per 100 g)
    • Chameleon Sock (63% extra fine superwash merino/20% cashmere/17% silk, 400 yds per 100 g)

    Sport/DK Club - 2 yarn bases:

    Nut-free Club (for those with sensitivities to wool) - 2 yarn bases: 

    You may choose to have all your skeins in each shipment in one colour (perfect for sweater knitters!), or you may choose to receive different colours.

    Prior to each shipment, we will send out a colour survey to find out what we should NOT send you. All colours can be exchanged for a random replacement skein. All leftover skeins will be put up for sale to Geek Club members first, a few weeks after shipping Club packages.


    Swag - Add "full-size" swag to your package. Past swag has included books, games, small craft kits (not knitting) and knitting/fibre tools. You will get one item with every package. (average value: $25-30)


    Yarn Pool is in effect.

    The Yarn Pool was created to help make our yarn clubs more affordable to those with lower incomes.

    Who gets the funding?

    Any low-income knitter who wishes to purchase a Club or large sweater amount (minimum 6 skeins) can apply for funding here. Indigodragonfly staff will review applications as they come in, and distribute funds.

    How much funding? Bursaries range from 25-75% of the retail price of the Club or sweater amount. We want to help as many people as possible, so amounts offered are done so with that in mind. For example, if we have 1 applicant, and enough in the fund, we will offer a 75% bursary; if we have 10 applicants, and offering 25% bursaries means we can help all of them, then we will offer 25%. Further questions? Email us at

    Contribute to the Yarn Pool here.

    Terms and conditions

    You must ensure that your mailing address is correct.  If you move at any point between March 1 and December 31, 2020, please inform us of your address change as soon as possible by emailing us with your new address.  We must have your correct address in our shipping survey (emailed to you prior to shipping your package) or we cannot be held responsible for packages sent to the wrong address.

    There are no returns on Club memberships.

    You assume responsibility for packages delivered to the wrong address, if your address is incorrect in Paypal, if you have sent us the wrong address by email or if you have not given us sufficient notice (minimum 15 days prior to a Club shipment date) to change your address in our system.

    Yarn bases are subject to change at the dyer’s discretion in cases where bases are discontinued without warning or become unavailable. Bases will be replaced with something of similar value and fibre content whenever possible.