Mystery 3-Pack O' Patterns!!!

Mystery 3-Pack O' Patterns!!!

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Quantity must be 1 or more a galaxy far far away, there used to be a thing called a Hard Copy Pattern. Being a very olde company, we've amassed over the past ten years a veritable paper cornucopia of patterns from many designers we've had the fun of working with, everything from hats & mitts to shawls, sweaters and even the occasional plush monster.

So...for the meagre price of $10, we're offering you a Mystery 3-Pack O' Patterns!!! The price includes postage, so - double bonus!! Given the nature of items like this that are for sale and don't have a shipping option, your billing address will be used as your shipping address. (Non-Canada & USA orders might require a few extra dollars for shipping, which can be processed manually at our end)

When we pack up the patterns we'll send you a mix of subjects and designers, so you won't be getting, say, three hat patterns or three mitt patterns. We'll mix it up for your knitting pleasure. This can be a fun order on its own as well as an add-on to regular or Club shipments, or something new to knit yourself, or even pass on to someone who might not be familiar with our past patterns & ephemera.

Sounds good? Good. Okay. Enjoy!!

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