Geek Club 7 Membership (2022-2023)
Geek Club 7 Membership (2022-2023)
Geek Club 7 Membership (2022-2023)

Geek Club 7 Membership (2022-2023)

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Welcome to the Indigodragonfly yarn club with a geekish slant...

4 shipments per club year:

Shipment 1 (May-July 2022)
Shipment 2 (Aug-Oct 2022)
Shipment 3 (Nov 2022-Jan 2023)
Shipment 4 (Feb-Apr 2023)

Each shipment will include yarn and a card detailing the theme of the shipment. You choose how much yarn you get.

OPTIONAL SWAG ADD-ON: If you choose the swag add-on, once during the course of the club year, you will receive ONE big Geeky Gift!

Geek Club 7: 


  • Women Super Heroes: Breaking hearts and flinging them into the sun with perfect precision since 10000 BCE

  • Superpowers: Knitting lace in low light on a bumpy road with acrylic yarn and a screaming toddler in the back. Or x-ray vision.

  • Anime & Mangled Manga: Where reading from the back to front is fundamental

  • Failed Spin-offs: Grizzly Adams in space. Could still happen.

You will receive 4 shipments over the course of the club year, each with a different theme. Colourways and Colour names for each shipment will be inspired by the theme of the shipment. There will be several colourways per shipment, with a maximum of 800 g or 8 full skeins of each colourway. Think of them as knitterly trading cards distributed amongst Club members. Kind of a weird knitterly Magic the Gathering...

Membership Types

Set 1: Superwash Wools-100% superwash merino
CaribouBaa-398 m/435 yds per 100 g
R.O.U.Sport-300 m/328 yds per 100 g
DK Matter-256 m/280 yds per 100 g
Superbaa Worsted-201 m/220 yds per 100 g

Set 2: Untreated Wools-100% untreated (non-superwash) merino
Untreated Fingering-400 m/437 yds per 100 g
Shark Sport-300 m/328 yds per 100 g
Untreated DK-225 m/246 yds per 100 g
Untreated Worsted-200 m/218 yds per 100 g

Set 3: Linen/silk blends-65% silk/35% linen
Linen Silk Lace-681m/745 yds per 115 g
Linen Silk Sock-384 m/420 yds per 115 g
Linen Silk DK-337 m/368 yds per 115 g
Linen Silk Worsted-227 m/248 yds per 115 g

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    You may choose to have all your skeins in each shipment in one colour (perfect for sweater knitters!), or you may choose to receive different colours.

    Prior to each shipment, we will send out a colour survey to find out what we should or should not send you, confirm your shipping address, and find out if you want your skeins all the same colour or all different colours.

    If you are unhappy with what we send to you, you can exchange it for a random replacement skein (you are responsible for shipping costs to and from the studio).

    Club Perks!

    Leftover Access: All leftover skeins will be put up for sale to Geek Club members first, a few weeks after shipping Club packages. Club members get exclusive access to leftovers for 24 hrs.

    Club Shipping: Current members of Geek Club can use their club shipping code to set aside purchases to ship with their next Geek Club shipment. We will combine those items with your Geek Club package and invoice you for any additional shipping needed at that time.

    Terms and conditions

    • You must ensure that your mailing address is correct. If you move at any point please inform us of your address change as soon as possible by emailing us with your new address. We must have your correct address in our shipping survey (emailed to you prior to shipping your package) or we cannot be held responsible for packages sent to the wrong address.
    • You assume responsibility for packages delivered to the wrong address if your address is incorrect on your account, if you have sent us the wrong address by email, or if you have not given us sufficient notice (minimum 15 days prior to a Club shipment date) to change your address in our system.
    • Yarn bases are subject to change at the dyer’s discretion in cases where bases are discontinued without warning or become unavailable. Bases will be replaced with something of similar value and fibre content whenever possible.
    • There are no returns on Club memberships.
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