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Skid Vicious-2019 PWA Bike Rally Fundraising Yarn
Skid Vicious-2019 PWA Bike Rally Fundraising Yarn

Skid Vicious-2019 PWA Bike Rally Fundraising Yarn

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SALES CLOSE AUGUST 17, 2019-Remaining stock is all that we have left.


Some days, a quiet ride through the countryside can be a balm for the soul. Collecting one’s thoughts, feeling the breeze as trees wave hello, pointing the way to a better tomorrow.


Other days, though, Captain Gravity takes over, showing you who is boss, with all the subtlety of a rude asphalt kiss and a reminder that elbows & kneecaps are anatomically little more than practical jokes.


For the 2019 Toronto People With AIDS Friends For Life Bike Rally, may we present Skid Vicious.


Ms. Vicious will be offered in two yarn bases: Platypus Sock (75% SW Merino/25% Nylon, 100g, 463 yds) and Kiwifloofen Sock (100% SW Polwarth Wool, 100g, 437 yds). For every skein sold, Indigodragonfly will be donating 25% to members of Team Knit, as well as being this year’s team knit uniform sponsor.

For information on Toronto PWA and the rally (in its 20th year!) you can go to: PWA

Yarn sales will open on Wednesday July 31 @ 12 noon e.s.t. and go until the end of the rally on Friday August 16. Skeins will be dyed to order and should ship within 3-5 weeks of the closure of the sales. Last year, we were able to donate $3708 to the bike rally; let’s see if we can hit the $4000 mark this year!!

Thanks for pedalling along with us…

Kim, Ron, Victoria, Kelsey, Marit, Oz, Willow, Molly, Fennel & Louie


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