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Dear Stephanie 2022

Dear Stephanie,

I can't believe it's actual happening: a full, 6-day, actually riding from Toronto to Montréal Bike Rally to support the Toronto People with AIDS Foundation

Look, it's been stupidly difficult the past 2 years. The amount of crap we've had to deal with is unfair on so many levels. It's been difficult to get 100% excited about things we look forward to, because...well, because every year that's started with 202_ has been an astronomic crap show of epic proportions. But things ARE getting brighter. (Seriously Steph, they are. Don't give me that look. I mean it.)

This Bike Rally colourway needed to celebrate our enthusiastically cautious return to quasi-semi normal activities. Start as you mean to go.

Meet Why Yes, All My Skeins are Bespoke...

This year's Bike Rally colourway needed to be hopeful. Looking and moving forward. It's bright, but not TOO bright. It's fun and playful. It has the feel of a slightly tropical rainbow. Which is TOTALLY us, right? Nothing says "tropical" like Northern Ontario-adjacent. There are 5 colours, which  represent the members of Team Knit (you, Ken, Pato, and Cam) plus 1--our knitter friend Kate (Kawartha Yarn & Fibre Festival) who is doing the Bike Rally for the first time! You can guess whose colour is whose, or you can each determine for yourself which colour you find inspiring. (Ken: They all have mauve in them. You're screwed.)

We've dyed Bespoke on 3 bases this year: MerGoat Sock, Linen Silk Twisted, and an old favourite that's back for it's summer comeback tour, MCS Sock.
All three are available here: Bike Rally Yarn. There are also a few other things we're adding to the fundraising pile.  Beige was the first fundraising colour we dyed for Team Knit. Bespoke is kind of a sibling colour to it, which feels exactly right.

25% of all sales of Why Yes, All My Skeins are Bespoke... will be split between the five of you to support your ride.

Order Bike Rally yarn here: Bespoke

For the first time ever, you can also purchase in person! Here's the list of where you can find, fondle, and flip out over Bespoke in person:

Indigodragonfly Studio (Haliburton ON)
Kawartha Yarn & Fibre Festival - June 11
Muskoka Fibre Fest - July 2
Haliburton Arts & Craft Festival - July 22-24
Vogue Knitting Live NYC - August 4-7

Ride like the wind, my friend!



PS: A reminder that everyone can also support your ride directly on your fundraising pages: