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About Indigodragonfly Yarns

What we do

We offer our individual and unique takes on traditional yarn dyeing, refusing to be a cog in the cookie-cutter yarn industry. We specialize in luxury yarns with an emphasis on finding the best yarns as well as developing custom yarns with our global-wide mill partners to bring you products no-one else has. We are also well-known for our humour – we could call that blue skein Dye Lot #346 but where’s the fun in that – one of our yarn clubs is the Smart-Ass Knitters for World Domination Club; ’nuff said?

Everyone here pitches in with the dyeing, promotion, advertising & production, plus Kim is a fashion knitwear designer extraordinaire! We also have a chipmunk (Louie – head of security), penguin (Joe – shipping), Wheaten Terrier (Oz – studio muppet) and Lab-Husky (Willow - ambassador of treats) to keep all the humans in line. We’re located back in the woods in West Guilford, Ontario – go north of Peterborough for 90 minutes then make a left at the moose.

Who Are We?

Kim McBrien Evans is a lifelong textile maven… She has tried it all. Start with liberal doses of dyeing, knitting, spinning, and designing. Toss in some Arts Management, teaching and guru-ing. Finish off with some yarn-y bon-vivanting. Oh yeah, there’s that World Domination thing…

Ron Evans comes from the worlds of Journalism, Cinema, and Banking, so being in a yarn dyeing business would obviously come next. In addition to making the pretties, cookin’ the books and running the Order Desk with a velvet fist, he is the host of 25 O'Clock - an eclectic mix of oddball music with an emphasis on deep cuts & angular playlists - every Friday at midnight E.S.T. on Canoe FM radio; repeating Monday nights at 11 p.m. E.S.T.

Victoria & Kelsey are the Studio Minions, who you all know are the real brains behind the operation. They keep everything caffeinated and from screeching to a bloodied cashmere mess. They are responsible for such things as dye pot attitude adjustment, club package stuffishness, winding and windability, and fleece related musical interludes.

Louie is the Guard Chipmunk, who fills in as the Studio caretaker when all the kids are away at the sandlot. Ever had a jagged sunflower seed shell shoved up underneath your fingernail? Try breaking in, and you’ll find out what that’s like…

Oz & Willow are our resident fluffy welcoming committee and guardians of fun!