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Yarn Pool

Yarn Pool

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The Yarn Pool is a community driven funding pool to assist low-income knitters in purchasing yarn clubs, SQWID Boxes, and sweater amounts of yarn (minimum 6 skeins)

To contribute to the Yarn Pool, choose an amount and purchase. Your money will go into a fund separate from the Indigodragonfly business, and will be distributed to those who apply for funding.

Applications are currently OPEN for assistance with SQWID Box The Fourth: Fission Knitting. Apply for funding here:


Who gets the funding?

Any low-income knitter who wishes to purchase a Club, SQWID Box, or large sweater amount (minimum 6 skeins) can apply for funding. Indigodragonfly staff will review applications as they come in, and distribute funds.

How much funding?
Bursaries range from 25-75% of the retail price of the Club, SQWID Box, or sweater amount. We want to help as many people as possible, so amounts offered are done so with that in mind. For example, if we have 1 applicant, and enough in the fund, we will offer a 75% bursary; if we have 10 applicants, and offering 25% bursaries means we can help all of them, then we will offer 25%.

Further questions? Email us at