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Collection: Bike Rally 2023

All Bike Rally yarns are DYED TO ORDER and will ship within 4-6 weeks of your order.

Read about this year's inspiration here: Dear Stephanie 2023

25% of the proceeds from each skein of Bike Rally yarn will be donated to the members of Team Knit: Stephanie, Ken, Cam, and first time rider, Kate.

Donation Update:

June 14, 2023
$200 each to Steph, Ken, Cam, and Kate

August 5, 2023

$100 each to Steph, Ken, Cam, and Kate

August 22, 2023

$100 each Steph, Ken, and Cam

August 24, 2023

$200 each to Steph, Ken, and Cam

For a grand total of $2100 so far. Our final donation for the remaining sales will be added soon.

If you prefer to make a direct donation to the Bike Rally, you can do so here: PWA Bike Rally Direct Donation

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