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Giftapalooza 2021 Is Here!

Hi Everyone,

As we mentioned a few days ago, today is Opening Day for Giftapalooza 2021!

Have you been Knotty or Nice? Don't Matter. Been hanging out on the wrong side of the Polar Express tracks?? Who Cares. Dipping early into the spiked eggnog??? Why not.  

Okay, so here's how it all works: Giftapalooza is indigodragonfly's annual community yarn exchange. Buy the items you wish to receive, and through the magic of the internets we will pair you with two partners - one who "gifts" you your package, and the other partner who "receives" their gift from you. Exchange holiday greetings (if you wish) and spread the yarny love while participating in some community spirit. Give a gift, get a gift - Secret Santa, but not so secret, and no dollar-store tchotchkes to re-gift in 2022. Sales are open as of 1 pm on Thursday October 28, and run until Monday November 15.

What is available this year?

Pick a yarn base - this year there are five bases: Chameleon Sock, MerGoat Sock, Chaingeling DK, Wingenhooven DK & Linen Silk Twisted DK, as well as some kits for the Denote Cardigan, the Striated Shawl and a Heels & Toes sock combo. Once your order has been placed, you will receive a link to a survey to choose your colour family and other preferences. And as an added bonus because of the shawl & cardigan kits, for the Giftapalooza period of Oct. 28 - Nov. 15 we'll be offering Kim & Kate Atherley's Custom Shawls for the Curious & Creative knitter book for a merry $20 each, or while supplies last. Because of the time-sensitive nature of holiday shipping, Giftapalooza purchases are stand-alone orders & unfortunately not eligible for Club shipping as the next Geek Club shipment probably won't reach Club members before the New Year.

Take Me To The Giftapalooza Skeins!!

What are donation skeins?

Know someone who truly deserves a little something extra this year? You can also gift a Donation Skein either from you, or anonymously. Donation skeins are for those that are not so fortunate this year, have just had a dickens of a time catching a break, or are just quite frankly someone who is one of the Good Ones. Donation skeins can be gifted to a specific person, or we will choose for you from our request pool. And as the same every year, we do ask that you purchase Donation Skeins separate from your own personal order as the skeins are going to an address different from your own so they'll need their own separate shipping. The Donation Skeins have the shipping price built into each skein, so separate purchasing for them makes it much simpler for us to track and prepare.

Take me to the Donation Skeins!!

How do I nominate someone for a donation skein?

If you would like to nominate someone for a Donation skein, please email us at with the subject Giftapalooza Nominee, and tell us their name, mailing address, and a brief reason why they deserve to be nominated. We will send skeins to as many nominees as we can, so please don't hesitate to nominate that person(s) you are thinking about.

Okay, that should do for now. If you have any questions or comments, you can message us on the Giftapalooza threads on either Ravelry or Slack, or you can email us directly at and we'll get back to you tout-sweet. Giftapalooza - it's the most winder-ful time of the year!!

~Kim, Ron, and Victoria