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Introducing our latest venture into World Domination: The SQWID Box!

SQWID = Special [yarn] Quantities for Worldwide International Domination

Over the next year, we will be offering a series of special edition boxes full of yarn, project ideas, and goodies intended to help make your knitting (or crochet) life complete. Each box will have a project focus (sweaters, socks, shawls, etc), and a slate of special edition colours which will only be available for that shipment.

Boxes will be available to purchase individually, so there is no commitment. Try one, or try them all! The choice is yours. When you purchase one box, you will receive a discount code to use on any subsequent box.

Sign ups open on Thursday February 18, 2021 at 12:30 pm EST on

The March SQWID Box

Focus: Sport Weight Sweater Love
Base: R.O.U.Sport (100% sw merino, 300 m/328 yds per 100 g skein)

Available on 6 colourways which will be exclusive to this sweater box.

(We've gone with generic colour names for the listing, so that the names are a surprise when you open your box. And trust me, we've been snickering for days over the names here!)

Boxes are dyed to order and will ship by mid-March 2021.

Box includes yarn, pattern suggestions, discount code for your next box, and goodies :)


Are your prices in US dollars?

No. We are a Canadian company, so our prices are in Canadian funds. Currently $1 CDN is worth $0.76 US.

Is there a pattern that comes with the box?

We decided not to go with a specific pattern for this box. Instead, to help you decide on colours and sizes, we've made a bundle of suggestions on Ravelry that you can browse here. There are other great suggestions being made in our Ravelry group. If you are one of the many who are unable to use Ravelry right now and would like some suggestions BEFORE ordering the box, email us at orders AT and we can make some non-Ravelry suggestions. The box itself will include suggestions for patterns but will not include an actual pattern.

How much yarn do I need for my size?

We suggest one of two methods for choosing your yarn amount:

1) Find a pattern you like and get enough skeins to knit the size that corresponds with your FULL bust size. (Even if you've taken one of Kim's sweater fit classes and know that's not how you choose what size to KNIT, it's good advice for ensuring you have enough yarn)

2) Use our handy size chart for ROUS! 

How much do the boxes cost?
SQWID Box pricing varies depending on the amount of yarn you choose. 
Number of Skeins Price (CDN funds)
5 $180
6 $211
7 $242
8 $273
9 $304
10 $335
11 $366
12 $397

We have earmarked 2 boxes per shipment for recipients of our Yarn Pool funding. If you need assistance purchasing a box, submit an application for the Yarn Pool here: Yarn Pool Application

Does the price include shipping?

It doesn't. We have set up Flat Rate shipping for the US and Canada due to the size of the box. For international customers, please use the calculated shipping rate and we will refund you any excess shipping paid. 

Please note we are not responsible for any customs or duties that might be charged by your country of residence.