Collection: Yarn Base Alpha

On this page you will find some of our lesser-known, vintage and/or yet-to-preview yarn bases. All skeins are in their natural undyed state. All these skeins are available for purchase and can be dyed in any of our dye-to-order Repeatable Colourways. Any colourways that are on our website and listed as Special Edition are non-repeatable - there is no dye recipe - so please do not ask for any Special Edition colourways to be dyed in these bases as we'll most likely have to say no.

When ordering, put in the Notes Section of your order which Repeatable Colourway you'd like the yarn dyed in. You can also email us at to place your request.

Over the next while, as we venture into the nether regions of our subterranean yarn holding spaces, we'll add yarn bases as they surface. In some cases some of these bases are no longer available for re-ordering so the inventory level will be final.

Happy Hunting!!

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